Blood Oncology

Blood cancer means a huge group of incompatible malignancies. This group involves bone marrow cancers, blood cancers, and lymphatic system and lymphoid tissue cancers. Leukemia and myeloma refers to the bone marrow cancers, lymphoma refers to the lymphatic system. These are the most common types of blood cancer. Causes of these cancers are unknown. Leukemia and myeloma can interfere with the ability of bone marrow to generate blood cells, including WBC, RBC, and platelets. This can cause persistent infections and anemia. Enlargement of the lymph nodes are referred as lymphomas, can also fight against infections in the body. As well as, myelomas produce a substance which causes bones weakness, and generate abnormal proteins which can cause symptoms in other parts of the body. Treatment of blood cancers has undertaken considerable improvements. When there is no sign of cancer remission will occur. Today in the United States, Almost one million people in US are surviving with blood cancer. People with blood cancer can have complications with serious infections and bleeding. Most common cause of cancer is heavy use of Tobacco and it can cause 22% of cancer deaths. Lack of physical activity, poor diet, obesity these all are the factors of cancer.

  • Carcinoma
  • Sarcoma
  • Mixed mesodermal tumour

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