Immunology is a branch of biological and medical sciences deals with the study of immune system. Malfunctioning of immune system causes diseases like cancer, autoimmunity and allergy. Innate and adaptive immunity are the two crucial lines of immune system. Over the past decades there have been various advances in present forbearing of the immune system and how it performing to secure the body from infection. T cells signify a unique antigen binding receptor on T cell receptor membrane and activate the antigen presenting cells to recognise a specific antigen. B cells can identify free antigen without antigen presenting cells. The main aim of B cells is the antibodies production against foreign antigens.

  • Immunoglobulins
  • Full blood count and ESR

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May 22-23, 2023

2nd World Summit on Hematology and Cell Therapy

Vienna, Austria
September 07-08, 2023

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Paris, France

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